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Acne & Acne scar

Chemical/Bio Peels for Acne Removal: A suitable chemical peel is used for skin, depending upon your skin type, condition, and severity. This will help in eliminating the dead cells superficial layer of skin, reduces the sebum and pigment production and stimulates the collagen production underneath the treated skin; this treatment is advisable to do once in 3 weeks.

Medifacials for Acne removal: This is an innovative way of lightening your skin in an extremely safer way, it includes a combination of procedures which will be done in a step wise manner, and it takes around 40-50 min for a session. Advisable to undergo once in a month.

Face PRP Treatment for Acne free skin: Face PRP helps in improving the collagen production which eventually lifts up your acne scars and tightness you skin, it also releases multiple growth factors that aid in keeping your skin healthier. Deal to undergo once in 4 weeks.

Laser Resurfacing Acne Scars removal: Erbium glow laser is used to alleviate your acne scare in a better way it eliminate the damaged cells and stimulates the production of new cells and tissues. Ideally done once in a month and it takes around 5-6 months to see complete and best results, usually the collagen will continue to build up even up to 6 month of your treatment session.

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Pigmentation / Melasma

Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin. When melanin secretion is in excess in some localized regions of the body, then it leads to the formation of dark spots in those areas. Dark spots range from light brown to being completely black. They are often painless and can occur in any part of the body including neck, hands, legs etc.

The exact cause for black spot on face is not yet known. So it is generally assumed that ageing and frequent sun exposure, are leading causes of dark spots. Any dark spot removal treatment, whether by using lasers or creams, thus must be formulated considering the age, lifestyle and a host of other factors.

The We Care Wellness Clinic Advantage in dark spot removal treatment At ICare Aesthetic, a wide variety of dark spot removal treatments are available, this can be from the use of lasers and radio frequency to the use of skin peels, lotions, and creams. With deep insight, we analyze one’s unique condition and body constitution to deliver a treatment best suited to their lifestyle. Thus we help you achieve a fresh look and a smooth skin tone. By hydrating the skin and stimulating collagen production, we ensure that the side effects of any black marks removal treatment are negated and you get real-time benefits.

Advanced laser treatments for Melasma These are most advanced laser treatments for clearing acne, chicken pox and other scars treatments, treats Melasma, a challenging skin pigmentation problem in menopausal women and seen in few men due to hormonal changes.

Chemical Peel in Combination with microneedling and PRP for anti-ageing This combo treatment with Bioactivated stem cells for age reversal helps in clearing pits, age spots, wrinkles, crows feet near eyes,lip line cheek wrinkles and creates an intense whitening effect.

The final result is a flawless youthful glowing clear skin

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Unwanted Hair Reduction

Cool Laser Hair-Removal NDYAG Diode laser techniques

Worlds most advanced cool laser hair removal techniques are on practice at We Care Wellness Clinic, unwanted hair removal, eyebrows correction, chin, upper lip, underarm, bikini hair removal and also full body hair removal for men and women can be done in just a few sessions without any burn cool way of hair removal with the cool lasers. No burn safe technology. Now getting back smooth hairless skin is made so easy with We Care ‘s cool lasers.

Skin Tags, Mole and wart removal:

Advanced laser electro cautery is used and you can completely get rid of those bumpy Tags, Warts and get a smooth skin in just 10mins. No scar, No bleeding, No pain !!! Only clear smooth skin !!!